Spring Tune-up (Lawn & Garden Tractor)
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Service Description

Spring Tune-up for Lawn & Garden Tractors

A Spring Tune-up is a great way to get your lawn mower ready for the season. Preventative maintenance is a great way to prolong the life of you mower & prevent costly brake downs in the middle of the season. The following is whats included in the spring tune-up.

Change engine oil (& oil filter if applicable)

Replace air filter & pre filter

Replace fuel filter

Replace spark plug(s)

Clean & rebuild carburetor

Adjust idle & governor engine rpm's

Sharpen blade(s) (replace if worn out)

Check & fill radiator (if applicable)

Check & adjust tire pressure

Level Mower deck

Clean battery terminals

Check & adjust cables

Check & adjust drive belt

Check & adjust deck belt(s)

Treat fuel with fuel stabilizer

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