John Deere Break-in Service for Garden & compact Tractors (diesel)

John Deere Break-in Service for Garden & compact Tractors (diesel)
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Service Description

This is also know as the 50 hour service. John Deere ships new tractors with break-in oil in the engine . John Deere Recommends Changing the break-in oil when the tractor has 50 hours on it. Also John Deere recommends a few other services at this same time. They are as follows: changing the transmission fluid & filter, replacing diesel filter, clean battery terminals, test battery, tighten any loose hardware, clean radiator screen, torque wheel bolts, grease spindles & pivot points.

Break-in Plus is a special purpose engine oil developed to be used in rebuilt or remanufactured engines and new John Deere engines during the initial break-in period. This next generation oil is formulated to provide a controlled environment for piston rings and cylinder liners to establish a good surface mating for maximum performance and long engine life. At the same time, Break-In Plus provides the necessary wear protection for valve train and gears.

3 - 6 Quarts of Engine Oil (Depends on what model Tractor)
1 Engine Oil Filter
2 - 8 Gallons Transmission Fluid (Depends on what Model Tractor)
1 Transmission Filter
1 Diesel Filter
1 Hours Labor

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